Skateboarding is cool and all, but it’s sure not easy to learn. To improve your chances of succeeding at learning new tricks quickly, let us hook you up with a little tutorial. This week, Heel Flip!

Read carefully and remember that after the technique, the number one secret to skateboarding is practice!


The Heelflip is a trick that can look like a kickflip, but is actually way different. It has to be kicked with the heel or back of your foot instead of the toes and the board flips in the opposite direction. This maneuver is no harder than a kick flip, but it can be a little more risky because your board does not flip the same way and has more possibility to hit your ankles and legs. Today, you will learn how to make sure your Heelflip's rotation is safe, easy and smooth. Just put in a little time and you'll get it!

Foot placement

Although similar to the kickflip, the foot positioning of the heelflip is very different. Your back foot should be around the same spot as the ollie, well in the middle of your tail, near the end. The front foot should be placed behind the 4 front screws, with your toe sticking out a little from the surface of the board. Remember to keep your balance and make your board parallel to the ground before popping. This will allow your snap to be even and will facilitate your heel flip learning curve.

The position of your body might look more like a kickflip. Your body and shoulders should be upright and looking forward a little bit.

the pop and the kick

Like most skate tricks, the pop and kick are the most important parts of the heel flip. After bending over to swing and slamming the board's tail to the floor to pop, drag your front foot to the top of your nose like a kickflip, but in the direction of the heel and not the toes. Same as the kickflip, you will have to give a good kick with your front foot before it reaches the height of your nose. This particular way of kicking is what that makes the trick a bit more risky.

To learn safely, you can put your back foot on the ground during the rotation just to understand the timing and avoid injuries. Once you understand the rotation of the board and the kick, it's time to leave both feet above the board and try to land on it with both feet.

Keep your eyes on the board

During the whole heelflip process, remember to always watch the board to know when it will be time to smack it back on the ground! Keep your balance and follow your board with your eyes to catch it in the air after the rotation is done. Once the board has flipped under your feet in the air, it's time to catch it and go back down to the ground!

The Landing

Once your board is done flipping and has been catched with your feet, it’s time get back down to the ground. By the time your 4 wheels touch the ground, bend your knees to absorb the impact. And for an extra dose of style.


As we always say, the key to any skateboard trick is practice. Watch the videos carefully and follow the steps. It may not work instantly, but once you've found the solution to this trick, it's there for life!

Next step: Bring the heel flip to your local street spots or favorite skatepark obstacle!