Wednesday September 28th was the date of the Empir(e) event, presented by Vans and ourselves. Good music, good food  and beautiful people in a party atmosphere; we should do this every Wednesday night!

At the entrance of the Fairmount Theater, in the Mile End neigborhood, we could already feel that the event was very exclusive. Guest list, free drinks and beautiful people everywhere. It's funny to say, but it gave us the impression we were special.

The evening would not only be high in fun, but also high in action. On the program: DJ, photo exhibition, tattoo studio, catering and live musical performance by none other than the up and coming signer and songwriter Charlotte Cardin.

Photo exhibition by Bianca des Jardins

As soon as we entered Empire x Vans den, we had something to feast our eyes on. A huge plywood wall on which was displayed a series of photos from the Montreal photographer Bianca des Jardins was built for the occasion.

 The soft lightning in the theater mixed perfectly with pictures from the young Montreal photographer. The images put us in a relaxed atmosphere. Inspired by nature and fashion, this series of inspiring pictures was an excellent way to welcome guests.

Flash tattoos by Melody Perrault

At the other end of the room stood none other than a tattoos booth. Yes, guests had the opportunity to be tattooed for free on site by the artist Melody Perrault. With a distinctive style that could be called "thrash", this tattoo artist stands out in her field and to have her with us for the evening was a great honor.

One thing is certain: you don't get free tats everyday. Judging by the long line of guests waiting to go under the needle, they understood that well.


 What is a social event without a catering service. A delicious selection of meats, sandwiches, desserts and snacks of all kinds was available for us, right next to the tattoos booth.

Thanks to Sarah Barosi Traiteur for keeping our bellies full all evening.

Musical performance by Charlotte Cardin

 And now, the highlight of the show: an intimate musical performance from Montreal's emerging artist Charlotte Cardin. If you don’t already know about this young signer and songwriter, we can assure you you'll get know about her in a really near future.

Believe us, this young signer is actually one of the most talented singer-songwriter that we ever had.

With her band, consisting of a drummer and a bassist, Charlotte Cardin played us a number of songs from her new album in addition to several unpublished songs that nobody had heard before us.

It seems that the potential of this young artist is infinite. It would not be surprising to see her get international recognition in the next year or even next month. We can still consider ourselves fortunate we attended such an intimate performance with this young artist and soon to be superstar.

Thanks to all the guests who came to celebrate with us. Thank you to Charlotte Cardin and finally, to all the people from Vans and Empire, for giving life to our last Wednesday night.