If you skate and still don't know who Phil Dulude is, be prepared to hear this name more and more often. The kid KILLS! With a refined style for his young age and an incredible ability to skate transitions like a true vet, he is on the right track to become one of the sickest skateboarders in Canada, maybe even in the world.


We spoke to him while on a skate trip in North Carolina to talk about road trips, skateboarding in the States, being the young gun in a crew of seasoned skaters and more. READ ON! 

Sup Phil! How are you?

Hey man! I'm doing great. I just got back from a nice dip in the sea!

Where are you right now?

I am in Duck, North Carolina, in a HUGE mansion by the beach that has a skatable pool in it's backyard. I'm living the dream.

Wow. How long was the drive to get there?

We did it in 2 days, but we stopped at a bunch of epic skateparks on the way.

Is this the first time you hit the road for a skate roadtrip?

Kind of. I went on short trips to Toronto to skate the parks with my dad back in the days, but this is the first time I get in a van to drive that far with the boys. It's really nice, because you can see so much more on the way to the destination. It's longer, but it's worth it. The parks we hit on the drive to NC were just flawless.

Sick! How do you feel about the States?

I love the States because of their parks! It's so different from Quebec on that aspect. First, every single town's got a good skatepark, but also, I have not seen many street courses in those parks, it's almost only transitions.

I imagine it's ideal for you?

Yeah! I like the streets, but skating tranny gets me really hyped!

Speaking of getting hyped, who's in your crew right now?

Currently, I am with a couple of local boys, some homies from Ottawa, Jesse Ramirez, Vince Baldo, Ri Abderrahmane and Dan Mathieu is also with us, skating and shooting photos.

Wow, that's what we call an intergenerational crew. Are you the youngest of the group?

Yes I am.

And how do you like it? Hope you don't get tortured too much. 

Not at all. It's the best crew ever. You have guys like Jesse and Vince, who have a lot of style and skating behind their belts, but who are still young and hungry like me. Then you have veterans like Ri and Dan, who know all about skateboarding, who shred hard too and who can give you good advice, both for life and for skating.

Sick! It is in fact an epic crew. You're also lucky to have one of the best photographers in Canada with you!

Yeah, Dan Mathieu is beast! His photos are bomb! I managed to shoot a couple of good pics with him already, you might be able to see them in an upcoming SBC Skateboard mag issue.

Can't wait to see it! What is a regular day for you in North Carolina?

I get up, I walk to the beach and I swim a little. It's crazy how good it feels to swim before or after skating. After, we skate the pool in our mansion's backyard or we hit the streets and skateparks that are around. We skate all day, then we come back home and we chill. Quite simple.

Well, enjoy the rest of your trip man! See you in Montreal. 

Yes, thank you and see you soon!

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