Come see us at the Esplanade Financière Sun Life of Montreal’s Olympic Stadium on Saturday August 19th for the Tony Hawk and friends event, presented by the Jackalope Festival. A skateboard demonstration featuring Tony Hawk, Evan Doherty, Lizzie Armanto, Kevin Staab, Elliot Sloan and none other than our Quebec skate superstar, PLG. It’s going to be Huge !

Photo credit : Brian Shamanski

Spending most of his time in Encinitas, California, it's always good to see Pierre-Luc Gagnon, better known as PLG, return to his home country. To get you hyped up for next Saturday's vert demonstration, we talked with the Montreal legend to learn more about his love for Québec, his family life, the local vert ramp situation, his take on skating with Tony Hawk and more.

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Photo credit : Brian Shamanski

Hey Pierre-Luc ! How is it going ? 

Things are good man ! I am currently at the physiotherapist. I rehabilitate my ankle, trying to get it back to 100%. I do what it takes in order to feel good on my board again as quickly as possible. It’s going well.


What happened ?

Ah ... I broke my ankle in a stupid motorcycle accident a couple months ago.


Do you think you’ll be able to skate this weekend ?

I think I'll be able to skate, but I don’t know if I'll be able to skate at my full potential. We'll see. Skating with Tony Hawk will probably give me enough motivation to perform, but I don’t want to take the chance to get hurt more and do stuff that could mess with my recovery process.

Photo credit : Brian Shamanski
Photo credit : Brian Shamanski

How do you feel about skating in your hometown with none other than the Birdman ?

 I'm really excited about skating here with Tony. This guy is such an example for ramp skaters. Seeing him still be able to destroy the ramps at his age is really inspiring. I only hope that my ankle is fixed enough so I can skate as I would like to.

It must be quite epic to do a double with Tony Hawk. A life hammer.

Do you skate with Tony Hawk on a regular basis in California ?

 Not really. I skated his ramp a few times, but I can’t say we skate together on a regular basis. One more reason to look forward to next Saturday !


If you are feeling good enough on your board, would you like to make a double manoeuver with Mr. Hawk ?

 For sure ! It must be quite epic to do a double with Tony Hawk. A life hammer.

What do you think of the Jackalope Festival in general ?

When I was young, we didn’t have access to world-class competitions like Jackalope in the area. I think its good for many reasons. On one hand, it can help young Montreal skaters and up and coming action sports athletes to be noticed and on the other, it puts Montreal on the map even more than it is now. I feel like this city is getting more and more recognition as a skateboard destination. Competitions like Jackalope is a good way to make our city shine.

It’s good to know that quebec people are actually hyped on vert skating again.

Was the lack of competitions a motivation for you to move to California?

It played a role, yeah, but the motivation mostly came because the vert ramp scene in Montreal was just inexistant at some point. There was really nothing going on with vert skating in Montreal. We had a couple indoor skateparks that had ramps, including the one my dad opened in Boucherville in 1992, but they all closed. That’s the main reason why I moved, I wanted to be where the best vert ramps are and where there is actually people skating them on the regs. It feels good to know I’ll come back to Montreal next week-end and there will be a vert there. It’s good to know that quebec people are actually hyped on vert ramp skating again.


Even if you seem to be living a good life in California, do you think you will ever come back to Quebec one day ?

It's funny to say, but yes. I love Quebec and its vast spaces, its clean air, its tranquility. My parents live around Mont-Tremblant and it's beautiful. There, I can dirt bike, I can swim in the lakes, there is almost no traffic and people are not that stressed. I would like to come back and settle down not too far from my parents with my family. I still have a few good years of skating ahead of me, I think, but one day I would love to come back to Quebec for sure.

Crédit photo : Brian Shamanski

Will you take advantage of your stay in Montreal to visit the family or you’re just here for the demo ? 

Of course ! After the Jackalope weekend, I’m heading straight to my parents house in Tremblant. Spending the week there with my son. Now that I’m a dad, I’m always looking forward to those occasions. Good times with the family is what I live for.


How’s it like when you return to Montreal today, with your son, compared to coming back to the city 10 years ago ? 

10 years ago, I would get out of the plane, meet up with all my friends, go out and party. Now, I go hide in the woods with my family and enjoy the great outdoors ! haha !


Well, we wish you have a good time in Quebec with your family. In the meantime, see you next Saturday ! 

Yes ! Thank you ! See you guys on Saturday !

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