The elite Empire skateboard team just got better.


We are proud to welcome Kyle McDonald, Johnny Purcell and Jake Cormier to our all star Empire skateboard team. Joining their homies Antoine Asselin, Charles Deschamps, JS Lapierre, Cody Cormier, Zander Mitchell and Andrew McGraw, our 2017 squad is filled with the best skaters Montreal has to offer.

Our all new team riders are originally from the Maritimes, but have been under the radar in Montreal for a while now. Judging by their level of awesomeness on a skateboard and their rising popularity, it just made sens for us to add them to the Empire fam as a trio.


Kyle has been skating for Empire unofficially for years, same goes for Johnny. Now it's official, they got a spot in our A list team. As for Jake, well, his older brother got on the team not long ago. It was just a no brainer to put him on too. Don't mess around, we got the Cormier brothers with us!

With distinctive styles, these guys are rad skateboarders for sure, but they are our friends in the first place and it's a real honor for us to welcome them on the team.


The Boys

Kyle McDonald

 Kyle is a true East Coast powerhouse. With explosive pop and a cool nonchalant attitude, skating happens naturally for him. Kyle is the kind of guy you have to see skate in person to understand how magical he is on a board. If you happen to be skating with him on a good day, you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Jake Cormier

We added Cody Cormier to the team a couple months ago and now it’s time to give his young brother Jake the respect he deserves. With his unique approach to skating, this visionnary shredder and part time master lensman cruised his way into the big leagues. Looking forward to see more from this yung killa.

Johnny Purcell

Formerly known as « lil Johnny », we can safely say that Johnny Purcell isn’t the small dude he was anymore. No kidding! He must be 7 feet tall as we speak! Other than being tall as hell, Johnny is the real Switch God, or at least Montreal's Switch God. Killing it in every stance, he is part of that new generation of  kids who can do it all.