More than one of the most promising snowboarder in the biz, a talented DJ, a passionate skateboarder and filmer or an all around good guy, Dillon Ojo was on another level in the human relationships department. A guy you just want to be friend with. With his contagious and permanent smile, there was no room for negativity when you were around him. Dill left too early, but he didn't go without leaving a permanent mark with all the positive he shared with the people he loved, who now share it back to the world with Dillon's own non profit foundation. It's comforting to say that through the Lifeline Foundation, Dillon will keep on sharing happiness among his peers for decades to come.



That's right, Dillon is not completely gone. His positivism lives through all of us and is now shining on a bigger scale thanks to the LifeLine foundation. Dill had the gift of reminding us that being happy is sometimes easier than it seems. Especially when you are passionate. And passions, Dillon had plenty. The biggest one was for sports. 

This thirst for passion and his love for snowboarding is pretty much how the idea of ​​the Lifeline Foundation was born. An initiative to help young people from underprivileged areas to get involved in sports, which can be costly. Potentially, this will help them to find their own passion and, Ultimately, will keep them smiling as much as Dillon use to smile. 

 The mission of Dillon's Foundation is to give young people from disadvantaged backgrounds an opportunity to get involved in sports by raising funds to cover the often high expenses associated with the practice of these activities. Sport is necessary for young people. It keeps them busy, it keeps them healthy and in good shape, it teaches them discipline and rigor. Still, it takes money to buy equipment, you need to take lessons, register for summer camps, and so on. And to allow that to happen to less fortunate kids is exactly why the foundation was created.


A long time coming

The Lifeline Foundation project was brought up a couple months ago, when Dillon thought about launching his own non-profit to help disadvantaged kids and share his love for snowboarding. Though still in it's premature state, the foundation slowly grew, even organized events like a soccer match to raise money and awareness for the movement. Unfortunately Dill won't be able to attend the match in person, but he'll still get to witness it from the sky above. 

He'll still get to witness the match from up there because of his friends and his family, who decided to take over the mission and take the project to the next level. To honor him by pursuing something he really cared about.

Follow the foundation on Facebook and Instagram for the soccer game's date and other Lifeline Foundation events to come.

Make a difference

It's easy to get involved in Dill's mission, you just need to visit the Lifeline Foundation website and click on the donate button. No matter the amount, your donation is appreciated! Because taking small steps all together is how you en up doing great things. You can also support the cause by purchasing a t-shirt with Dillon's palm print on it. All proceeds from sales will go to the Foundation, without exception.

Major respect to Dill's family and close friends for taking charge of this project. An initiative that will make a real difference in the lives of many kids for whom it might be harder to be passionate about something. 

And if there is anything that Dillon has shown us, it's that being passionate is not an option, but a necessity.

Thank you Dillon for everything you brought us.  

Our thoughts and prayers go to Dillon's Family, Girlfriend and friends.

Rest in peace.