Montreal is now considered the Mecca of skateboarding in Canada. Its spots are countless, diversified and  have that cool East Coast downtown look that always looks good on video. Plus most of the spots are reachable by foot or public transportations. That being said, Montreal lacks one kind of street spots... Handrails! 


Even if we do have some street rails at our disposal, their level of skatability is rarely good. Cracks in the run up, skate stoppers, kinks, rough landings, grass, etc. This is the reality of every Montreal's skateboarders. That being said, Montreal still has some rails that are worth skating and on which you can actually have fun. They are not California rails perfect, but nice enough to grind or slide on them without worrying about the spot, only the trick you have in mind.

To check what are our favorite street rails on the island of Montreal, keep reading!



Run up: 9/10

The run up of this rail is one of the best we have around downtown Montreal. Even though the long asphalt lane turns into concrete quite close to the rail, it does not have an impact on pop. No need to worry about the sherbrooke rail's run up.

Rail: 7/10

The actual handrail is quite perfect, although the one closest to the wall (frontside for regulars) is not as good as the other rail. In addition, the flat shape of the rail can make some tricks harder to lock compared to a round rail. The angle of the good rail can also be good for some tricks, but annoying for others. All in all, the Sherbrooke 7 is quite smooth.

Landing: 5/10

The landing is the most annoying part of the spot. It has several cracks and there's grass on one side, but above all, the landing is short and falls on one of the busiest streets in Montreal. To avoid danger, wait for the red light or have a checker with you to make sure you don't get hit by a car while rolling away from your trick. 



Run up: 6/10

The negative aspect of this Rail is its run up. There's a little crack right before the pop spot that's a little disturbing, but it has recently been repaired by unknown skaters. The main reason why the Camilien run-up sucks: You have to push uphill through a wheelchair ramp before reaching the short flat, on which you need to setup quick for the rail. 

Rail: 8/10

Camilien's rail, even if it is only on one side (Backside for regulars) is quite perfect. Not too high, not too steep, made of a solid material that doesn't stick. For real, Camilien's rail is sick.

Landing: 7/10

Camille Houde rail's landing is quite safe. You land on a sidewalk, so there are some thin cracks, but nothing dramatic. Apart from the small wall that comes quickly if you fall a little too much to the right, the Camilien's landing is pretty mellow.



Run up: 6/10

If it wasn't for the perfect rail, Montreal North would definitely not be on this list. The run-up is really short. The kind of rail where you have run 2 steps, throw down and pop right away. In addition, there is a good crack and a bump on the ground just before the rail. It is possible to get used to it, let's just say it's not the best.

Rail: 9/10

The Montreal North rail is really Flawless and easy to skate. It's low, has a nice angle and does not end too close to the ground. All this, with a perfect round and solid shape, making it one of the nicest spot to skate on the island. The rail is the major reason why a trip to Montreal North is always worth it.

Landing: 7/10

 In general, there is no problem with the landing of the Montreal North rail of, except for the fact that with the years, the smooth asphalt ground became really rugged. Not enough to keep you from rolling away, but enough to leave a good scratch on your lower back if you fall too much.



Run up: 8/10

The Pointe-Aux-Trembles  Gap to Blue Rail's run up is practically perfect. No cracks on the ground and an almost infinite run up to allow you to take the time to setup properly for your trick. The only thing that could be negative is the fact that for some tricks that need angle, the run up may be a little too narrow.

Rail: 7/10

The gap to blue rail is different from all the other rails in this article. Unlike the others, it's not a rail that goes down steps, but a rail that stays straight and shoots out after the steps. Although the rail's solid and square shape is perfect for some tricks, some will say that it isn't and that the rail is too short to lock good slides or grinds. As you have to go fast enough to get past the gap, it can be difficult to land on the rail and lock a trick for more than a second. Other than that, everything about this rail is good.

Landing: 8/10

The gap to blue rail's landing is pretty nice. Once again, the landing is on the sidewalk, so there are some cracks waiting for you, but nothing too rough. Sidewalk cracks are never too heavy to deal with, but are always annoying. Apart from the small sidewalk cracks, there is no problem with this spot's landing. 

Now that you know where all the good Montreal street rails are, put on your gnar shoes and get ready for a day go hucking!