Montreal is a beautiful city, a city that carries a mysterious and powerful energy, especially when summer arrives. Its pretty streets and typical back alleys, its cafés, its European flavors, its culture, its extremely variable temperature and its love for diversity make the Quebec metropolis a very unique place. Seems like Herschel noticed all that... Almost looks like the brand has created its new collection just for us!

 Take a look at our exclusive Empire x Herschel lookbook for a preview of the brand's new collection. 


Photo credits: Marie des neiges Magnan / @mariedesneigesm


Saint-Viateur Bagels, a Montreal institution.

Infamous for making the best Montreal Style bagels in town. Even in the world!

A tradition coming from our european roots, a pit stop at the local café is so Montreal.

Spring, summer, fall and even winter, there's always action in the streets and alleys of our province's Metropolis.

Wind, sun, rain, cold, hot... Sky can go from clear blue to dark and rainy a couple times in a day in the city.

Don't even worry about it, Herschel's got your back with style, functionality and comfort so you never have to worry about climate in the city.