This isn’t some haphazard phrase picked up by a guy in a office somewhere- It was created by girls, for girls in a time when no one else was doing it. The brand was started in the back of a skateshop in Iceland in 1999 by a female who was tired of having to make due with men’s clothes that didn’t fit right, or girl’s clothes that wouldn’t let her move the way she wanted to when she was skating.

Written by: Nikita head office

From that one skateshop, the company grew across Europe, to North America, over to Japan, out to Australia and into South America. At first, it only made streetwear, but pretty soon the looks and functional fits caught the eyes of all the top girls in snow. It was then only a short leap from streetwear to outerwear, and suddenly all of the snowboard girls were wearing Nikita head to toe too- and loving it. The attitude fit, the clothing fit and the connection from one girl to another grew, until it was bigger than just one girl making clothes for her and her friends.

The Brand pushes for rebellious confidence in girls who ride. It’s that drive that no one can take away from a person, the desire to go do something fun with your friends that few people outside of skate and snow understand and can relate to. It’s the reason why you go out at 1am to skate down the streets and into the neighbor’s pool, or the why you sleep on your best friend’s cabin floor for a week and a half during the winter; waking up every morning to the smell of fresh snow and hot coffee.

Nikita stands #Forgirlswhoride, making clothes for girls from the streets to the mountains and supporting the best riders from all around. Ride hard, have fun, be creative and never hold yourself back from the things that drive you- because nothing rad ever comes from holding yourself back.

In this FW17 lineup we took the latest in Outerwear Technology and merged it with our rebelious approach to design, yielding unique silhouettes sought after by girls all over the world. Whether your’re admiring one of our outerwear pieces in a shop window or from the lift, there’s no mistaking it’s one of ours. When it comes down to it, tough, the warmth and technology our design team builds into each piece is as essential to us as its style.

Two color story this season. First the Brick House; Tough weathered in time, the brick and mortar house still stands,revealing layered colors that range from rich,deep reds to a lighter coral and chalky neutral.

The Nature’s Patina is a palette of whimsy, inspired by glints of copper, and mother nature’s tarnishing of the metal into soft blues and greens.


Don’t miss out the Wednesday Girls skate for free at the Taz Skatepark this October 18th from 6Pm to 9PM. Annie Guglia will be present to give every girl some tips and mostly share the good vibe of skateboarding. Be there or miss out.