Here it is! The first smart watch designed exclusively for extreme sports has finally arrived and will be available at one of our stores or online very soon. On your surf, snowboard or in your car during a spot exploration, the new Mission smartwatch from Nixon will follow you everywhere and will become your best partner in all your future adventures.

Most smart watches lead to a fair share of compromises. If you want to use your watch to it’s full potential, you have to be prepared to run out of batteries after a few hours. The Nixon Mission, designed with the the latest Android Wear™ technologies from Google, will allow you to use your smart device for several hours, in the water or on the snow, without having to worry about charging it.

The strength and robustness of the new Nixon Mission watch also separate it from other smart watches models. It seems that the majority of connected watches are made for people who work behind a desk, but not this one. Made from polycarbure, stainless steel and a 316L class stainless steel bezel that acts as a protective shield, the Mission is designed to withstand the elements and all kinds of lifestyles.



Nixon's Mission watch includes a bunch of features specifically thought for outdoor lovers. From the house to the surf spot and from the surf spot to the mountains, a built-in GPS will allow you to get to your favorite surf and snowboard locations really easily. Or to find your way back after a long hike in the woods.

The Surfline, SnoCountry and Trace applications are also already installed on the new smart watch from Nixon. These tools allow you to receive information about the weather from anywhere, at any time.

You will also be able to set up all the details about your favorite surf or snowboard conditions so the watch sends you customized alerts in real time when the conditions are perfect for you.

A watch made for water and snow

 Action sports fans are usually tough on their equipment, but the Nixon Mission was designed exclusively to avoid damages caused by the extreme lifestyle, even in the most tough conditions. You can dive a hundred meters deep in water and it won’t matter. The 100% waterproof watch won’t break under the effect of pressure. A perfect gadget for those who like to go above the limits!

Also designed for mountain, Nixon Mission is resistant to a high level of snow. No need to worry about your watch during your sessions in six feet of powder. Even less worries regarding impact and shock resistance. Whatever the slams or falls you endure on the slopes, in the snowpark or in the backcountry, your watch will remain in good condition for several years.

Intelligent. And customizable!

Last but least, you can customize the Mission with a choice of case finish, bezel and bracelet colors and engraving at the back of the case to create a watch that fits with you perfectly. Or to give a new look to your watch as many times as you want.