Ladies, we didn’t forget about you. After presenting our three favorite park and all-mountain boards on our blog lately, it's time to unveil our three favorite 2018 women's boards. Three boards, three types of riding, a performance that you won’t be able to go without.


The Compact from Ride – Mountain


The Ride Compact is back for another season, with a brand new shape, but still has the same level of versatility snowboarders love so much. Its Directional Rocker shape makes it easy and effortless to handle, while also providing a smooth ride feel in firmer snow conditions like your local mountain.

The profile of the board is flatter under your feet providing a stable area that offers constant riding to allow you more confidence when you start to go very fast. The softer flex facilitates carving and the Slimewalls sides absorb vibration while increasing the durability of the board. The Compact combines high performance features with a flexible feel for a fun board in any condition and for any level. From beginners to experts, this boards has what it takes to make you appreciate your winter to the fullest.


The Rewind Twin from Burton – Park


Add some tricks to your bag with the pop and flex mix of the Burton Rewind Twin. This twin tip board is built for nothing but to facilitate your freestyle progression in the park. Soft and lightweight, the PurePop camber combines with the basic Filet-O-Flex and Squeezebox Low profile to give ladies a board that can forgive, but that still has its rigorous level of response when you need it.

The reliable grip of the Frostbite Edges and the Off-Axis construction combines the design of the board with your natural position for a more organic feeling in the snowpark. Seriously, to improve on the jumps and rails of your local snowpark, this board is unbeatable. Check out the link below for all the information about this high performance shred baby.


The Navigator from Capita  – Powder  


There is nothing more fun than riding in knee deep powder! With the right equipment, of course! If you have the wrong equipment, your experience might be not too pleasant. The Capita Navigator is your ultimate snow tool if what you like is fresh and fluffy snow. This one of a kind board will allow you to keep on riding when your friends are stuck in the snow, that's for sure.

Anyone who has spent days of falling in the backcountry’s powdery snow knows the difference between a board for the mountain and a board for the REAL mountain. Featuring a parabolic Sidecut that cut and sinks into the snow, a flowing tail and a wide-brimmed nose that floats naturally over deep snow, the Navigator ensures that your powder days stay effortless and epic experiences. THE perfect board for the snowiest days! Click on the link below for more info about this bad boy.


To be honest, we have plenty of other boards that we like as much as those ones. Take a last quick look at our selection and get ready to intimidate snow until the end of winter!