If you haven’t already been introduced to Oakley's Prizm lenses, we are sorry to inform you that you kinda missed the boat... There's a reason why sport fans all over the world are literally crazy about the Prizm technology and for a reason: You can see better than with your own eyes.


The newly introduced PRIZM Polarized Lens from Oakley straight up revolutionized the world of lenses since they first appeared. Like a real, full on revolution. The goal of those lenses is simple: To optimize vision for sport-specific environments, like snowboarding.

Basically, the lenses are designed to highlight the colors that are the most sensitive to detail for the human eye, which greatly improves the performance of your goggles in terms of visibility, control of your surroundings and most importantly, safety. As the first Oakley lens specifically designed for sports, the Prizm technology isn't just a temporary craze. They are just legendary and will certainly continue to influence lens manufacturing for years to come.


- Sharpen visual perception to help you see more clearly and react faster.


- Improves color recognition to help you spot what you need to see. Ideal for identifying ice patches, snow moggles and other irregularities you can find in snowy environments.


- Maximizes your ability to see moving objects in your periphery - aka -  Less chance for you to smoke that little kid who's not looking where he's going while bombing down the slope.


Without Prizm Lens

With Prizm Lens


Prizm lenses have been designed to be performant in a large number of  light conditions. With just one lens, you'll be able to get out of the shady wood to the sunny slope without event noticing it. Need more? Oakley also have a wide variety of different lens colors to fit your riding habits just perfectly.

But how do Oakley lenses make for such high-definition vision? Here is their secret: The Oakley PRIZM lens is able to filter out any "noisy" light that could interfere with vision, while emphasizing on colors needed for optimal visual performance.

Oakley has achieved this innovation using "hyperspectral imagery" technology, a technique used by spy satellites that analyze light in environments with near unachievable standards of precision and details. Oakley managed to get there!

What exacly do YOU get from all of this when you’re shredding on the mountain? Well, to put it simply, PRIZM technology lets you see bumps, holes, and small details in the snow that other glasses won't let you notice. As simple as that. Basically, it will make you feel way better when you ride.

Lenses will also help your performance by covering a wider range of weather conditions and types of lighting, saving you from having to change goggles or lenses every time there are sudden variations in climate, something for which Quebec seems to be a champion.

See you on the slopes (Very clearly)!