After a summer of hard work, the P45 volunteer crew plans the release of the park’s new section for september!  A proof that group efforts can lead to the creation of great things.


8 am. Squad ready

Photo credit : Marc-André Lavoie


We’re always honored to include ourselves in the P45 community and to contribute in the process of making this place the best DIY skatepark there is. This time, it was with a live benefit show that Empire got involved.

Featuring a roster of rock bands like Rodney the Walrus, an acadian group including two of our own employees as well as several other bands, Divan Orange Bar was lit last friday. As beer was flowing and cheers were given, there was only one little detail to take into consideration, the third official P45 concrete pour of 2017 was scheduled for 8 o’clock the next morning...

Photo credit : Vanessa G Baker

Brutal morning. Booze fragrances journeying from the mouth to the nose. Efforts to remember yesterday’s evening… Last night got wild. Just like the guys about put their hands to work in concrete in less than an hour, our friends were rocking the stage with heavy tunes with the only goal to help with the construction of P45’s new lower section.

"Even if no one gets paid for P45’s construction, we still need concrete, blocks, mortar and tools. All this doesn’t pay for itself ", says Sébastien Petit, senior member of the P45 construction crew.

Wanna contribute ? Click here.

A regular member of the P45 mafia, Jean-Gabriel Collin prepares the concrete as well as he does his steaks on P45’s BBQ.

Photo credit : Marc-André Lavoie

With a coffee and a good headache, On route to the spot, where we would soon transform some the money collected the previous night into a new structure on which people will later skate.

On the site, the concrete truck is there and the setup is ready. The guys, who are mostly suffering from a vicious hangover, still wait hungrily for the first drop of concrete to fall from the truck overlooking the new obstacle’s structure. With the motivation of a young Stalone in Rocky, booze will certainly never prevent these guys from working with 'crete.

« 8 in the morning and the boys are already starving! »

Phil Daoust, P45 building crew senior member

Photo credit : Marc-André Lavoie


When the heavy, muddy substance begins to drip from the truck, a dozen guys step in with shovels and rakes to spread the ‘crete over the structure’s surface. Like artists at work in their studio, they handled the concrete with a finesse, knowledge and technique that were just flawless.

Under the direction of Phil Daoust, an experienced skater and craftsman, the guys went for it, shoveling and distributing concrete like maniacs, but always with that much needed attention to details. No bumps or lumps will be tolerated ! No wonder why this DIY skatepark is considered one of the best in America.


Soon, we will skate on that ‘crete.

Photo credit : Marc-André Lavoie

"This is one of the most important steps in the construction of Project 45", explains Sébastien Petit. "After that, there won’t be a meter of that rough asphalt left in the park".

Soon to be completely covered with concrete, Project 45 will provide a smoother and more consistent surface than ever before.

             « The new section of the park will be ready in september, in time for Am Gettin Paid »

Sébastien Petit.

Photo credit : Marc-André Lavoie

See you in September at P45 ! Meanwhile, you can always contribute by making a donation to the organization or better, show up at the next concrete pour, catch a shovel, a rake or a wheelbarrow and get to work! Check out their Facebook page for more details.