Dillon Ojo definitely has more than one string to his bow. When he’s not racking magazine covers or filming for the most important snowboard video of the decade, you can find Dillon skateboarding in the streets of his home city or in the clubs DJ’ing the hottest tracks and having a blast with his friends. Basically just being the best dude at all times. If you have a bunch of money and want to invest in the future of snowboarding, DJ DILLICIOUS is your guy.


Check out Mr. Ojo’s most recent interview and stay tuned for his part in Landline, the first Vans snowboarding Video, coming early 2018.

Sup G! Let’s get the basics out of the way. How old are you, where are you from, and how long have you been snowboarding?

I'm from St-Hubert, Montreal and I'm 22 years old. I think I started around the age of 13, so 9ish years.

Do you remember your first snowboarding experience?

My first real, on hill experience was pretty bad to be honest. I knew how to ride straight but didn't know how to stop or carve. I would start going way too fast and throw myself on the ground, but at a high speed. The falls were really gnarly. Aha!

When did you decide you wanted to push your progression further and have a career in snowboarding?

Once people actually started to put interest into my snowboarding and when I found a group of guys I loved being around, it made me fall in love with the sport. I kept practicing every day and started getting into filming in the streets. From there I just met a lot of people and made a name for myself.

Don't forget to have fun. As cheesy as that sounds.

Jumps or rails?

Definitely rails! I'm a pretty shitty jumper. Ahah

What’s your go to trick?

A nosepress.

What is your favorite mountain to ride?

I mean, I grew up riding Ski Mont Saint-Bruno, so I definitely love everything that hill did for me.

Who’s your usual snowboard crew?

The Bruners. My family.

How was it to film for the upcoming Vans Snow video, Landline?

It was an honor and a privilege getting to be part of the first ever Vans snowboard movie. I got to ride with all my great friends and people I grew up worshipping! I also got to meet a bunch of cool people and be part of a project that will hopefully leave a good dent in snowboarding.

Did you travel to film for this video?

We traveled so much! It was crazy! We got to travel the world and go to places we never thought we would ever step foot in. We went to Russia, Japan, Finland, Czech Republic, Germany and so many more amazing countries and cities.

Are you satisfied with the result?

Of course I am. My part is the least of what I'm psyched on! I know that the result was going to blow minds because the people behind the lens making the project happen are geniuses. Also, the riders that are involved are all so special in their own different way.

Any special projects for this winter?

We're going on a premiere tour for the film in January and work on a bunch of mini projects with Vans. I do, however, want to work on many other little things since I'm going to have a lot more time on my hands. I just want to go snowboarding with a bunch of different friends.

Word. Anything else you would like to say?

Don't forget to have fun. As cheesy as that sounds. Aha!