It's mid-November; Snow has finally arrived! Allowing a smooth transition from summer to winter, RipCurl replaces it’s line of bathing suits and surfing goods with a whole new collection of outdoor gear that is perfect for cold temperatures and winter sports.

The Search

As we already mentioned in a previous RipCurl article, the ultimate surf brand give a lot of importance to The Search for perfect surf locations around the world. Fortunately, RipCurl knows surfing doesn't only happen in the water.

For RipCurl, the search for surf spots also includes snowboarding, or snow surfing. And to search comfortably during the winter, quality gear is a must. To adapt to the cold temperatures, it is necessary to have a winter coat and snow pants that will keep you warm and dry in all conditions. And RipCurl clearly knows that.


Celebrating 30 years of mountainwear craftmanship, RipCurl presents it's winter 2017 collection. To allows you to keep the Search going all year round.


RipCurl's Mountainwear


A type of gear for individuals who, at some point or another, feel the need for something more. Free spirits who chase and ride nature’s energy in the mountains of the world. The people who put themselves out there on the edge, around the globe or in their backyard.

The all new Gum Series

 To keep the search alive during our harsh winter season, Rip Curl puts  it’s all-new Gum Series at your disposal. Ultra-stretch, warm and waterproof jackets that respect the Rip Curl Anti-Series tradition: Anti-rain, anti-wind amd anti-cold, but made with one of the most extensible fabrics on the market.

The Nils Arvidsson outfit

 A three in one jacket that will allow you to adapt perfectly to the ambient temperature. Extremely extensible, the jacket / pants outfit includes a bunch of ingenious functions that will allow you to enjoy the cold days at the top of the mountain.

The Victor De Le Rue outfit

One of the most technical jacket and pants, with a sophisticated look. With all its features, the outfit is made of ultra-stretch material and is comfortable enough for long days of exploration for the perfect spot.

Our famous one piece

A perfect layer for powder days in the mountains. Even if you ride in more than a meter of snow, the suit will allow you to never have any of it inside your jacket or pants. Outfitted with an impressive amount of technical details, the one piece slips over your winter suit and allows you to have fun in the harshest and coldest conditions.


On this note, we wish you an amazing winter. And don't forget to always keep on searching.