For its summer 2017 women collection, the legendary RVCA brand decided to partner up with none other than Melodie Perrault, one of the rawest graphic and tattoo artist Quebec has ever known.

To highlight Melodie Perrault's introduction to their group of advocates, RVCA presents the "Walk All Over You" t-shirt, a piece featuring the captivating art of the Montreal artist. And the best thing about all this is that with any RVCA purchase of 75$ or more, you get one of these limited edition bad boys for free.

Take a look at the following interview to understand the link between Melody's art, her signature RVCA t-shirt and her role as a brand advocate for the new RVCA Women collection.

What inspired the collabo between you and RVCA?

I grew up working in boardshops, so I followed RVCA pretty much all my life. What I like the most about the brand is their dedication to the artistic community. They don’t just take designs from others and put their names on it, they really back all forms of art, even mine !

Is there a message you wanted to say through the women imagery featured on your RVCA t-shirt?

I often picture the strong woman with a tail and demon horns, because she doesn’t always have to be an angel. The roses represent feelings. The "Walk All Over You" t-shirt is a way of presenting the woman as being above all that.

It seems like provication is a major theme in your work. What do you like about those raw and sexual-ish illustrations and pictures?

I don't necessarily try to provoke, my illustrations do not reinvent the wheel you know. Women and men have had sex since the beginning of times. What provokes people is that it is the woman who has desires and needs, that she loves her body dressed or naked, that she is herself, but above all, that she can do what she wants.

Anybody ever said your art was too « hard »?

Oh yes ! Less now, but when I first started, I had a lot of illustrations that were flagged on Instagram and sometimes even deleted from social networks. I even lost access to my account when I was at 70k followers. I had to send hundreds of messages to Instagram and Facebook and I had the help and love of so many people that my account randomly reappeared. I have been more careful since that day. In 2017, it’s almost impossible not to offend anyone.

As a defender of the women empowerment movement, what would you like to say to people that think this kind of content is degrading?

I will say that no one comes from the immaculate conception and that there is no reason to be ashamed to appreciate sex. It makes us happy, it’s good for the skin and that's how we were all created. My content is not there to degrade women, it’s the opposite. It’s just true, at least for the majority of women I've encountered in my life. I express the women’s sexual liberation, our desire to take back our sexuality that was once robbed by men.

Is there anything else you would like to say? People you want to say thank you to?

I draw for myself and put a lot of my own emotions into my illustrations. We live in such a fake and plastic era that I think it’s important to represent things as they are. I am lucky enough to be able to reach a lot of people and I would like to thank them, thank all the people who follow me and encourage me. A big thank you to RVCA, Agence Royal and Empire for always believing in me and for giving me this opportunity ! Thanks to all the women of the world !


The collection

In addition to Melodie’s signature t-shirt featuring the art of Melodie, the all-new RVCA collection for women includes a multitude of colorful pieces to garnish your wardrobe this summer. Dresses, pants, shirts, bags and bikinis, the collection’s got everything you need for your summer to be hot and unforgettable.

Take a look at the new collection and don’t forget that with any RVCA purchase of 75$ or more, you get a RVCA x Melodie Perreault limited edition t-shirt for free !