The Boisbriand skatepark was already part of our Montreal's best parks list and was mentioned in a blog post last summer, but the park is definitely worth its own article. It is after a recent visit that we found out why this regular looking skatepark is one of the best. Pretty simple, it seems like the park WAS MADE TO HAVE FUN!

No matter if you are beginner, intermediate or advanced, a good session is always waiting for you in Boisbriand, guaranteed!


The Skatepark Jean-Jaques Rousseau, located near our Boisbriand store, doesn't look that insane at first sight, but do not be fooled by the impressions, this park is REALLY cool. Believe us, it's only after a few minutes of skating that you will understand that even if the park is simple and pretty small, it will provide you with hours of fun on your board. 

To learn more about this almost perfect skatepark and to get motivated to hit the road for a day of fun on the North Shore of Montreal, keep reading!

Street Section

The Boisbriand park's street section is really well built and thought out and offers a perfect mix of ledges, rails, manual pads and everything a skatepark really needs. Everything is relatively small and designed to facilitate progression on your board. Not to mention that smaller obstacles are perfect to learn new tricks! However, there are still some more advanced obstacles like the long down rail in the Bank. Finally, flat ground is more than smooth and there enough surface to never feel stuck in the park.

Transition Section

The transition section of the Boisbriand park is not the most diversified, but it has been really well thought out and greatly helps with the mechanics of the park. With a 1/4 pipe at the north end of the park, a corner hip on the other side, two speed bumps in the middle of the park and a China Bank in the center, it's possible to stack multiple laps in the park without ever stopping. In addition to all this, the park has a really sick snake run, ideal for warming your legs before the session.

The flow

It's the flow of the Boisbriand park that makes it so sick. With its 1/4 pipe on one side and its hip corner on the other, it is possible to go from one end to the other of the skatepark without much effort. What makes it even more perfect are the two speed bumps and the long bank in the middle of the park. They will keep you rolling for days. In addition, the park is done in a linear way to avoid the risk of collisions. Hat off to the designers for building the park with an almost flawless flow.

In addition to all this, the Boisbriand skatepark is lit up until 11 pm every day. Weekday evening or weekend, the Skatepark is one great reason to get out of the city!