The new Saint-Hyacinthe skate plaza occupies a solid place among the new skateparks that are worth visiting in the outskirts of Montreal. With more than 400k budget and built under the precious advice of experienced skateboarders, this park is one of the sickest we’ve seen lately.

You want to know why you must ABSOLUTELY try the new Saint-Hyacinthe park? Keep reading!


Before getting into the details, it is important to mention that the park was built under the fine tutelage of skateboard connoisseurs such as Charles Deschamps, member of the Empire skateboard team/technician in architecture. This detail makes the new 7,000 square foot park a place that’s REALLY designed to facilitate your progression on a skateboard.

The obstacles are not too big, but not too small either. There is diversity in the course’s obstacles, but the essentials, like rails or ledges, have not been forgotten. The flow is good and there’s even a full blown bowl included in the park!

In short, no matter if you live far or near Saint-Hyacinthe, this park is well worth the trip!

The park is located at the corner of boulevard Casavant and Avenue des Grandes-Orgues, in the heart of the city of Saint-Hyacinthe. An easy to access location is key, and this plaza's got it. 


Street section

We loved the Sainte-Hyacinthe's Plaza new street section. Simple, but effective with all the essentials to have fun and to improve on your board. A really perfect rail / hubba section, banks, manuals pads, speed bumps, hips, flat bars, flat ledges and more, the park is not as full as the Saint-Hubert one, but is much more functional, which is way better. The best example that most of the time, quality wins over quantity! 

Transition Section

The transitions section of the Saint-Hyacinthe skate plaza de  is also quite complete. Quarter pipes, banks, corner hips and more. The park also has a complete bowl. Although we like to think the plaza is close to perfection, it's maybe not made for fans of aggressive transitions skating. The levels of tranny in the ramps is not very steep, but for people who like to diversify their sessions between street and mellow transition, this place is perfect!

The Flow

What's really cool about the new Saint-Hyacinthe park is its flow. Although the park is not huge, it was built to accommodate many people at the same time without creating collisions. Its "line" design makes it possible to follow the current and that's essential for any park. The layout of the modules and transitions sections make this park an easy to navigate playground. To put it simply, it easy to "cruise" on your board between the park's obstacles! The opportunity to skate from one obstacle to the other is a real plus for the Saint-Hyacinthe Plaza.

In conclusion, we loved the new Saint-Hyacinthe Skate Plaza and we advise everyone to go shred it at least once! This park is the perfect example to prove that simplicity is always better than the opposite.