If you think that sunglasses are really useful in the summer, you are obviously not wrong. Still, you got to know that owning a good pair of sunglasses is even more important during the snow season.

This winter, make sure that your glasses are standing where they belong to be: on your face!

It's cold, but it doesn't mean that the sun stops to produce rays that can be harmful for your eyes. The sun rays, when reflected on the snow are even more powerful as they bounce around and enter your eyes from every directions.


For Spy Optics and Empire, this is not a problem. We have all the lens and the sunglasses needed to never suffer from the blinging winter sunlight.

 There is no danger when you are well equipped. To see clearly during the cold season, Spy Optics offers a collection of sunglasses that will please and protect your loved ones eyes. A perfect gift idea for this holiday season!


With a diverse array of sophisticated and technical  eyewear, Spy Optics takes the health of your eyes seriously. Featuring state-of-the-art lenses such as the Happy Lens and stylish action-resistant frames, Spy glasses have everything you need to stay comfortable all year round, cold or warm.


To remind yourself how essential sunglasses are during the winter, read John Winterblind's story, you might recognize yourself in it.


Saturday morning, mid January. It’s cold outside, but the strong sun already hits through my kitchen's window. I put on my boots, grabbed my snowboard equipment and I was am ready to leave for a day at the mountain.
When I opened my front door, I immediately felt this intense pain inside my skull. The light flooded my still sleepy eyes faster than the lightning. I put my hand in front of my face, closed one eyed and wobbly walked to my car.
On the highway, my eyes are still half closed and my head hurts. The reflection of the sun is still there, more powerful than ever. With it all up in my eyes, it's hard to see in front of me, it even got a bit dangerous. I could hear angry drivers honking behind me because I was going too slow.
I'm finally at the mountain. I quickly found my snow goggles and put them on in order to avoid the sun's aggressive and torturing rays. My headache is slowly disappearing and my eyes are finally unfolding. I was ok from that point on, but let me tell you that I looked pretty stupid during the outdoor lunch at the top of the mountain. I just couldn't afford to take off my goggles.
After a wonderful snowboarding afternoon under the sun, time to go back home. Unfortunately for me, the sun is still there, setting right in front of me as I'm driving. The ride home is as painful as the morning one, even worst. I seriously thought about putting my snowboard goggles back on just so I could drive.
I then decided to take action and I stopped at the nearest Empire Store to get some real sunglasses. For their intricate design and interestingtechnicalities, I chose two pairs of Spy sunglasses. One of em for right now, and the other for my upcoming trip to mexico. At that moment, I knew that this winter was going to be a happy one.

- John Winterblind

Avoid spending a full day blinded by the winter sun like John and treat yourself with a pair of Spy sunglasses from their all new collection. We're telling you, it's in your best interest.