Simple, performance driven, boardfeel induced, stylish and above all extremely durable, the all new Ctas Pro by Converse represents THE perfect shoe to start the skate season on the good foot. Available now in both high and low silhouettes at one of our 11 stores or online.


The Converse CTAS Pro shoe has one of the most iconic designs ever made. From the very first days, The model has played an important role in the history of skateboarding. With a large number of next level professional and amateur skateboarders who adopted this timeless modeal as their shoe of choice since its inception, it’s not a surprise CTAS Pro represents the flagship of Converse’s new skateboard shoes range.


Formerly adopted as a basketball shoe, this beloved Converse model has been adapted to meet the needs of modern skateboarding. Memory foam is present in the heel  and tongue area to increase comfort. The shoe also features a highly resistant suede upper and a classic Cons rubber toe cap.

A shoe made for skateboarding

Although the legendary Converse Chuck Taylor’s origins do not include skateboarding, this shoe now includes all the features needed to have a good time practicing on his board without worrying about the many details that could put a stop on your skate sessions. Without forgetting to mention the classic and timeless style that the shoe will give you when you step off the board.


First of all, the CTAS Pro Cons has a rubber toe cap, which in addition to allowing unrivaled grip, has the power to double the life of the shoe.

Another interesting aspect of the CTAS Pro is the durability of its laces. No one likes to rip his laces in the middle of an heated skate session. The durability of the laces is explained by the fact that the lacing zone is located higher on the shoe so the durable suede upper and rubber sole get all the abrasion instead of your laces.

The seamless suede is another reason why this shoe is so resistant. With no permanent abrasion points that are usually found at the seams, the CTAS Pro also features a vulcanized sole with a strong non-slip contour and a strong, thick suede that allows the shoe to prevent abrasion . All this, without sacrificing the boardfeel.


In addition to durability, boardfeel is one of the most important aspects when shopping for a skate shoe and the Converse CTAS Pro will not disappoint you on this level. With its vulcanized rubber sole, you will never have to worry about your board floating under your feet when you pop.

With its Nike Lunarlon cushionning at the insole, Cons have also been able to slim down the CTAS Pro's outsole to allow a board feel that exceeds the established skate shoes standards.


As we mentioned earlier, although small, Converse's CTAS Pro features technical details that give it an unmatched level of comfort. With its thicker Nike Lunarlon memory foam insole at the heel, you'll never have to worry about the impact you'll experience when jumping down big rails or steps.