Christmas is just around the corner, and while most people love this time of the year, it can still be stressful for some! If you're one of those who still have no idea what to offer to your loved ones or you just don’t have time to shop for the perfect gift, we're here to help!

Take a look at our employees’ wish lists and get inspired by their passion and experience. Believe us, they definitely know what's cool! Read on to learn more about our staff and their gift choices, follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the latest wish lists updates and visit our website for more info about the items they picked. BOOM!

Charles Gagnon – The snowboard freak

Being a snowboard fan for almost thirty years, I chose items that represent my passion. Common products, but most importantly, mountain adventure safety gear such as the T3 transporter kit and Volcom's Iguchi Slack Sleeveless jacket. All items on my list are essential for cold Quebec days as well as for adventures in the backcountry. In my opinion, there is nothing better to offer than security and peace of mind to your loved one, or yourself!

Émilie Lecavalier – Passion for fashion

For me, fashion is a way to express my creativity. My inspirations include music, art, skateboarding and my passion for travelling. You can see the reflection of my personality and the great influences of my life in the items I chose. I compose my style while remaining fluid and daring to mix different genres or trends, but the primary goal is to always have comfortable clothes and practical accessories. No matter the situation or the weather. Those who know me well know that I have a passion for shoes and my favorites at the moment are definitely the Vans Old Skool platforms. Unique and original items are often the first to catch my attention and I love adding a touch of color to accent my kits.

Rémi Dugas – The skater

Skateboarding has been part of my life forever, so I took inspiration from my personal setup to create my gift list. No need to tell you that if I could, I would have chosen ALL the skate gear, but I had to narrow my choices to the essentials. In my opinion, the smartphone lenses and accessories from Death Lens will please any skater. A must for a good skate day to immortalize all your bangers!

Vanessa Stang – The Trendsetter

For my wish list, I really went with my true essentials. Always accompanied by my Vans Slip-Ons and my watch, I chose new models and colors that will make me shine during the holiday season. And holiday season rhymes with snow and cold weather, that's why I wanted to mix my little skirt (with tights, of course... We said it was cold !!) with my fave jacket and a beanie. Christmas is also synonymous with party. Talking about partying, who wouldn’t want to receive a set of weatherproof Mizu wine cups in his Christmas stocking? Pssst! girls, if you want a beach bum look for your winter vacation, ask for Sun Bum Sea Spray, It smells like banana and coconut, it's natural and it gives you a look like you have been swimming in the Bali’s sea every day. A true mood enhancer!

Geneviève Beaudin – The snowboard mom

Undisputed snowboard lover and mom of a 3 1\2 year old little princess who snowboards and skateboards, I quickly understood that the best way to share my passion was to offer her comfort AND style. What is attractive to their eyes makes them want to try it, and quality equipment makes them want to continue! When I asked her what she preferred in the items I chose for my gift guide, she chose the Airblaster Ninja Suit with the pizza print. My two personal favorites are the Burton Tech Tee and the herschel heritage reflective Pink Backpack. Merry Christmas!

Antonin Lemay

Tania Decristofaro