A young A list team representing the new generations of snowboarders, technical boards designed with the latest technologies and beautiful graphics; The new and ultra-limited Burton Kilroy boards arrived in store!




We are excited and proud to carry two of each new Burton Kilroy snowboards, the Custom 154 and 158 as well as the Process 152 and 155, which will be introduced in the Burton product line for 2018.


« Why do we already have those in store ? »

We hear you ask. Because Burton gave the chance to a few selected shops to own a limited run of the brand new models in order to introduce snowboarders to this new project. Good thing we are one of these lucky stores.


Before going into details about the boards and the team,

let us tell you the story behind Kilroy.

Originally, Kilroy was a small graffiti drawing used during the Second World War to warn that american soldiers were there and are not far away. When you saw the drawing, it meant on thing: Watch your back.


Just like during the war, when you see Burton's Kilroy logo on the mountain, it means that the new generation of snowboard destroyers are on the spot, close to you. And of course you got to watch your back ! Or get one of these boards yourself !


You are probably beginning to understand the trick. It is gradually that Burton will make his mark on each mountain, through local talent and young guns representing the new breed of snowboarders. Soon you'll see Kilroy all over the place when you're snowboarding.


To introduce their new project, which replaces the defunct Knowbuddy brand, Burton handpicked a team of fresh and legitimate riders from all over the world, representing the new generation of snowboarding talent.


These young riders are already extremely good and will later become heavy artillery for Burton, if they are not already. Kilroy is simply their way to success.

For the moment, the team consists of young snowboard enthusiasts and killers such as Luke Zajac, Dru Brownrigg, Takeru Otsuka, Sy Moran, Carter Jarvis, Max Zebe and Luke Winkelmann. If you don’t already know these names, you are certainly about to.

« In my opinion, this next generation of riders is key to keep the sport going strong, both in culture and in competition. No matter how crazy the scene is right now, boarding is always progressing and it is crews like this that contribute to that constant progression. To me, Kilroy means a lot »

explains Carter Jarvis, one of the new members of the Kilroy team.


The boards

The Custom : Kilroy’s directional board, the Custom is made for those who like to go fast and tear up the mountains on all levels. An evolution of one of the most beloved snowboards of the industry, the Kilroy Custom will allow you to ride to the maximum of your capacities in any conditions.


The Process : This Twin board represents the will of Kilroy to promote young talents and allow them to shred a variety of terrains without having to worry about their board. From the  snowpark to the streets to the halfpipe, the Process will cover your back in style.