It's Spring cleaning time ! For the occasion, Nixon and Empire present the Trade Up: An easy and ecological way to get a brand new Nixon watch with a 25% discount! Effective from now until June 30th.

Empire stores are proud to be participating in Nixon's Trade Up program. The concept is simple : Come see us with your old watch and exchange it for a 25% discount on a brand new model from the same brand.

Trust us, removing ¼ of the price for your next watch will makes a big difference in your bank account ! And it’s good for the planet too !

Not just to make you save money, preserving the environment is also a goal for Nixon, a reason why the brand decided to take action with its brilliant Trade Up program. When you think about it, in addition to saving 25% on your next watch, you will also do good for our planet by handing your unused watch to people who will know what to do to recycle it and minimise the ecological damages that a unused watch can have on the environment.

In addition to the Trade Up program, Nixon offers another type of service that will allow you to return your watch to a professional repair center so that they can refurbish it. It’s the Tune Up program. If you do not want to trade your watch because you still like it, but it unfortunately no longer works perfectly like it used to. Get a free premium repair service that includes battery replacement, lubrication seal checking, re-sealing and finally, pressure testing to ensure water resistance. Learn more about the Tune Up program Here.


Before taking action by exchanging your old Nixon watch for a brand new one, take a look at all our Nixon novelties, now available in stores and online.


Mens watches

If you own a Nixon watch and would like to take advantage of the Trade Up program, know that we recently received a bunch of new Nixon men's watches that will please all tastes this summer. With a 25% discount on any model within the new collection, you won’t have to break your budget to own that golden watch you’ve been dreaming about.

Women watches

As for the ladies watches, we also have a huge selection of new womens models that go from casual and simple to technical and somewhat futuristic. With a wide choice of unique watches and looks that can fit with anything, you will definitely find a watch that truly represents you. With the 25% discount, it’s surely worth checking it out.