Skateboarding is cool and all, but it’s sure not easy to learn. To improve your chances of succeeding at learning new tricks quickly, let us hook you up with a little tutorial. This week, the 360 flip!

Read carefully and remember that after the technique, the number one secret to skateboarding is practice!


The Frontside Pop Shove-It is a fundamental trick where the board turns 180 degrees horizontally and behind you while the body stays in the same position. What's nice about this trick is that it's always beautiful to see. In addition, this is the ideal trick to get your board back on the right side (Nose at the front and tail at the back) while doing a line (a couple tricks in a row).

Foot Placement :

First, place your front foot at a 90 degrees angle just below the screws of your nose in a way where your toes slightly hang off the board. This will make it easier for you to get your front foot out of the way to let your board spin freely, but it will also help you steer your board backwards when you execute the trick.

As for your back foot, place it right on the back spoon zone of your tail. Unlike 360 flips, for which we must scoop backwards, the fs shove scoop goes forward. The toes of your back foot are pressing heavily against the tail, ready to make it spin behind you. Finally, tilt your back foot a little bit, it will help you get a good spin.

The pop and the Scoop (so the board spins behind you):

Again, this is the most crucial step in the execution of this trick. The pop and scoop are always the key elements that will allow you to land your maneuver in a proper way.

With your front foot at a 90 degrees angle under the front screws of the boards and your back foot in the spoon section of the tail, bend down to give yourself a swing and get up in a quick and fast motion to POP.

The key of the FS shove is to scoop forward with your back foot so the board spins backwards. At the moment of pop, kick forward with your back foot to send the board behind you. Keep in mind that at that moment, your front foot must already be out of the rotation field of the board.

Continue moving your back foot forward until it is completely in front of you. Let the board rotate on its horizontal axis. Always keep in mind that this forward ankle kick is what will make your board turn in the right direction and motion. Just like for the 360 ​​flip, the front foot is there to guide the board more than anything else.

The catch:

Once you popped, scooped and kicked, it’s time to take your legs off the board’s path and lift them at least 2 inches above the board to give it space to flip. Keep your eyes on your moving board to know when to put your feet back on it.

Once the rotation is almost complete, catch your board with your front foot to stop the rotation completely. A fraction of a second after catching your board with your front foot, put your foot back on the board and get ready to land.

The landing:

Once your board is done spinning and flipping, it has been catched with your front foot, it’s time get back down to the ground. By the time your 4 wheels touch the ground, bend your knees to absorb the impact. And for an extra dose of style.

Once you land your fs shoves, apply it in your lines or integrate it in a maneuver on a ledge or on a rail. In one way or another, this trick is always graceful and effective!