We would all like to be as skilled on a skateboard as Zander Mitchell and, like him, to get a free box of Brixton gear every season, but a talent like his is unfortunately only accessible to a very limited number of people. The positive thing that we can get from all this is that Zander can actually test out the gear for us!


We got to talk with the young and talented Brixton rider to ask him about his favorite pieces from the brand’s new Fall collection. Zander likes simplicity, but he also likes to look fresh, two details that Brixton master very well. To skate comfortably in Montreal’s ever changing weather or just to look stylish at the bar or the park on a chill Saturday night, here are Zander Mitchell’s take on his favorite pieces from the new Brixton collection.


"Brixton is producing the sickest beanies and hats right now! No jokes! Did you know that the brand started out as a hat company at first? It's true! That must be why their headwear collections are always so on point. I like to wear a good old black beanie when it gets a little colder. The one I currently wear: the Heist. Simple, comfy and super warm, I don't need to worry about covering my head after skating when it's cold."

"That said, I wear a beanie way less often than a cap. In fact, caps are my number one choice in the headwear department. Currently, I've been wearing the Langley Strapback in black. What I like the most about Brixton is that their designs are minimalist, simple, but always stylish. I'm not one of those who particularly like big logos and clothes with massive graphics, and that's another reason why Brixton is my ideal clothing choice, they keep it simple and steezy."


"To me, Fall in Montreal is perfect for skateboarding, as long as you have the right gear on. Basically, the best way to go out skating between September and mid-november is to always bring two or three layers of gear with you. This way, you’ll be able to adjust to the weather and will never be taken by surprise when the sun appears from behind a cloud and it suddenly gets hot, or when the sun goes down and it starts to get chilly. Put some gear on or take some gear off, depending on the weather, and you’ll have the best sessions."

Basic Pocket tee – White

 "The first layer of my fall kit is obviously a t-shirt, preferably a breathable one. Good thing Brixton’s got the illest tees out right now.  I really like simple stuff, so the classic tee or pocket tee is a must for me. There will never be enough of those, you know what I mean? There’s nothing better than a clean, white tee. Period. You can also get this one with long sleeves if you’d like to. I'm so lucky Brixton’s got my back with shirts, for sure!"

Shoreditch Polo – blue

 "I always like to own a polo or two, but I don’t really wear them when I skate. Sometimes I do, but I like to keep the polo for when I have to dress a little classier. I like the fact that the Shoreditch has long sleeves, especially when I’m chilling outside with my boys on a nice and chilly September night. The long sleeves polo is also pretty good at the bar, you know. I can just feel super comfy and pretty fly! Girls seem to love polos too! This one is also available with short sleeves, for the rare hot days we got left."

Flannel Bowery Button down - Black 

"I’ve always liked flannel shirts for the colder days. They’re steezy, comfy and make you feel warm inside just by looking at them. The flannel can easily be the second layer of your fall kit. It’s perfect for when it’s not too hot, but also not too cold. I really like the Bowery model because it’s super soft and also has long sleeves. I guess fall is the perfect time of the year to wear anything with long sleeves. I love that!"

Basic Hoodie – White

"I’ve been into the white hoodie/blue jeans look for a minute now, and I still love it. I like the fact that the Basic Hoodie is super simple, yet very, very steezy. To me, there is nothing better than just a plain and simple hoody to carry around during a fall skate session. The hoodie is basically your third layer. You don’t necessarily have to wear it on you all the time, but trust me, you will be happy you have it in your backpack when the session is over, temperature dropped and you’re still sweaty from skating. That’s when the third layer becomes mandatory. If you think white gets dirty too quickly, the black version of this hoodie will suit you just fine."

 Merced Jacket – Black

"For those times where the shirt, flannel and hoodie are just not enough to protect you from the cold! When you need a more performant layer regarding its capacity to keep you warm. I always liked the look of a sweet windbreaker, but a lot of them are very thin, often not waterproof and most of the time, they aren't really warm at all. The Merced Jacket is the best. For real. It’s warm, comfortable, waterproof, steezy, and it has a hoodie for when you really need your head to be covered."